Customize Your Bowl

Build the freshest poke bowl in Seattle.


Every bowl is served with the freshest ingredients in support of healthier choices for our community. We have worked hard to ensure every bite contributes to taste and quality.


We’re proud to support our local farmers in Seattle and are always working to deliver quality food not too far from home. It doesn’t get better than this.


Why not enjoy every part of your meal? Our fresh bowls are healthier, tastes better and customized to your palette! Every topping is prepared daily to ensure the best of quality.

Salad Meets Seafood.

Originating from the shores of Hawaii, poké has finally made its way to Seattle! Pronounced POK-AY (not POK-EE), it’s traditionally served as an assortment of cubed tuna and salmon seasoned in soy and sesame sauces. The true definition of poké is a verb meaning “section” or “to slice or cut,” which brings you Poke Square’s unique bowl. We have brought health and freshness together through select proteins and savory sauces on a bed of greens or rice.

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